It’s getting hot in here

lochieMy mother said “will this summer ever end?”
“No” I say. “It’s the start of The Year of Summer”.
The summer that never ends.
It’s actually very hard to work when it’s this hot. A friend of mine said “Just face it Maaret. It’s not possible in Central Queensland to work between the months of December and February”.

In the Summer edition of IMPRINT (2015, vol 50, no.4) there’s a terrific article about Far-Far North printmakers,  Franck Gohier and Chayni Henry of Red Hand Prints, Darwin, NT. Working in an esky-cum-shed-cum-studio Henry says “we only work within the radius of the output given by the pedestal fans that are the thin plastic line between us and insanity”. (p.44)

Printing in the morning is best. Printing in the afternoon is asking for a sweat farm. But you print when you can.

Although not so bad here.To borrow and twist L. Cohen “I sweat in the places where I use to play” (‘Tower of Song”). I’m working on shelving and another project – a mobile artwork storage trolley.  I need to get my house in order so I can get back into outstanding projects. It will happen. Albeit slowly.

My intentions to get back to the mountain for material for my next exhibition has been postponed til after Easter. A good friend tells me the “snakes are more venomous at the moment as they are hungry and are looking for a quick kill.” Unlike my friend who went out looking for the snake and did not find it. I shall not look and it will be there. I have no doubt.

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