Art and wine #2

“OH NO You said it would hurt – you lying dog!” As said to a doctor as he injected a needle into the muscle near the shin c. 1999.

Why struggle when you can lie down? Actually, no. That’s not quite right. You can continue to struggle with doubts in you. This is exhausting and after a while one does need a lie down. Or you can pick up your tools and start making a mess, mistakes, small rights, small wrongs. In a previous life, our mantra as lowly public servants went “first you laugh, then you cry, then you laugh again”. Thanks JMW. JMW also shrewdly pointed out that in the dictionary, “apathy” sat between “apartment” and “ape”. But that’s another story.

Is it hard to Get your Art On? Yes. The battle is in you. Believe it or not you are not here to have fun. I don’t believe in ‘fun’. Sounds like I am joyless. That’s not true. I am full of joy most of the time. ‘Fun’ is a poisonous word because it’s a short term jolt without a lasting impact. It is ‘low merriment’ and a diversion (Swift, Walker).  Joy is deeper. It comes with persistence and as a reward of completing a project.

I saw a diagram of 2 intersecting circles. The left circle was labelled “crippling doubt” the right circle labelled “narcissism” and the point of intersection and overlap is “ART”. So true. But if you don’t start making a mess how will you ever know?

Should you paint? Draw? Be a printmaker, dressmaker, screen printer? Make art books or installations? Make Art, trade in Art or manage Art?

If you don’t start you will never start answering the questions. Ask the questions, get the answers. Maybe not straight away. I went to Technical College in 2002 because I wanted to learn how to print t-shirts. I inadvertently enrolled into etching – which changed my life. 12 years later, I don’t screen print often. It doesn’t fulfil me like other printmaking techniques. Who would have guessed?

The work we do is not complete. It is taken to a new state. “It is not incumbent upon you to complete the work, but neither are you at liberty to desist from it”. (Rabbi Tarpon, 70 AD – 135 AD). Keep on rolling.

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